Introduction of optical module

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What are the components of the optical module? 

Optoelectronic devices, functional circuits and optical interfaces.


The optoelectronic device includes transmitting and receiving parts. In simple terms, the function of the optical module is to convert the electrical signal into an optical signal at the transmitting end, so convert the optical signal into an electrical signal at the receiving end. Optical modules are optoelectronic devices used for photoelectric and electro-optical conversion.

Is there any difference within the signal conversion of the optical module?

Its sending end converts electrical signals into optical signals. Instead, the receiving end converts optical signals into electrical signals. 


Optical modules are classified in keeping with the form of the packaging, and also the common ones are SFP, SFP+, SFF, Gigabit Ethernet Interface Converter (GBIC), etc. The transmitting part processes the input electrical signal with a selected code rate through the within drive chip, then drives the semiconductor laser (LD) or LED (LED) to channel the modulated light signal of the corresponding code rate and provides the within optical power automatic electrical device to want the care of the output optical signal the ability is stable. Within the receiving part, the optical signal of a specific code rate is input into the module, then converted into an electrical signal by the photodetector diode. Then The pre-amplifier will process the electrical signal with the corresponding code rate so output it again. The identical applies to optical sensor modules, optical receiving modules, optical forwarding modules, optical transceiver modules, etc. the foremost function of the optical transceiver integrated module is to grasp photoelectric/electric-optical conversion, including visual power control, modulation transmission, detection, IV conversion, limiting amplification and judgment regeneration, additionally to anti-counterfeiting information query, TX-disable and other functions, like SFP, SFF, SFP+, GBIC, XFP, 1x9, etc. additionally to the photoelectric conversion function, the optical forwarding module also integrates multiple signal processing functions like MUX/DEMUX, CDR, function control, performance acquisition, and monitoring. Standard optical forwarding modules are 200/300pin, XENPAK, X2/XPAK, etc. The optical transceiver module, Another way to say Receiver, named as an optical module or fiber module, is additionally a crucial device in fiber communication system.


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