Waterproof test of automobile wiring harness connector terminal

2021-12-14 17:30 admin

Nowadays, the terminals used in automobiles are collectively referred to as automobile terminals, which is a kind of automobile connector, which is very important. It is a connector with current and signals transmission functions in various electronic wiring harnesses of the whole vehicle. Therefore, the demand for terminals at both ends of the vehicle wiring harness is very high. The vehicle-mounted terminal is the central nervous system that connects various household appliances and controllers of the vehicle. It is equipped with the transmission task of current and data signals. If the vehicle-mounted terminal is not waterproof, it will cause the vehicle's function to fail under light conditions. In more severe cases, it will cause a short circuit failure and cause damage to the car. Therefore, the waterproof characteristics of automobile terminals are particularly critical in the waterproofing of the entire vehicle electrical control system. Especially for the terminals used in new energy vehicles, the standards for waterproof materials are more stringent, so how to test the air tightness and waterproofness of the vehicle terminals?


Suppose the IP68 waterproof level test is performed on the car terminal. In that case, the airtightness and waterproof test of the car terminal are mainly to detect any leakage in the production and processing parts of the pin header, the shell, and the sealant. The waterproof detector can be used to complete the onboard terminal and establish the onboard terminal airtight and waterproof detection for airtight and waterproof detection. The specific operation process is as follows. First, customize the onboard terminal airtight and waterproof detection mold according to the terminal structure, and then put the terminal into the abrasive tool In, close the left and right molds. The vehicle terminal is completely sealed, and then the airtight and waterproof inspection tool for the vehicle terminal is completed. The inspection port of the vehicle terminal airtight and waterproof test equipment can be checked step by step. The vehicle-mounted terminal airtightness and waterproof tester is a direct test method that uses compressed air as the medium, effectively completing the non-destructive test technology. Because the test substance is air, the air is not easy to cause damage and harm to the equipment; secondly, because the molecular structure of air is smaller than moisture, very small leaks can be detected, which is very simple to use and can effectively improve efficiency. 2. Our wiring harness uses this kind of car terminal; OLINK wiring harness can reach IP68 waterproof level.